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Necklace with multicoloured coral chips and gold star...
Ex Tax:5.65€
Necklace with turquoise coral chips and gold heart...
Ex Tax:5.65€
Necklace with turquoise and white coral chips, silver beads and decorative shell...
Ex Tax:6.45€
Νecklace with turquoise beads and red artificial coral.It has a steel fluctuation chain at the closure...
Ex Tax:10.48€
Multicoloured necklace with mini crystal beads and a plexiglass teardrop shaped evile eye.It has a silver steel fluctuation chain on the clasp...
Ex Tax:8.06€
Necklace "Love needs luck".Purple gold thread, caramel heart with rhinestones and gold Plexiglas item with the word luck.It has gold plated decorative marbles and a marble to vary the size so that it can be worn in any length we want...
Ex Tax:9.68€
Martaki necklace differently...although it is worn all year round...Red crystals combined with silver elements of stainless steel and silver heart with rhinestones.It has a stainless steel chain for size variation...
Ex Tax:11.29€
Necklace with crystals, gold plated steel bead, gold plated details with cubic zirconia, pearls and gold plated steel fluctuation chain on the closure..
Ex Tax:12.10€
The most girly necklace with multicolored beads and artificial pearls.It has a steel chain with a fluctuating closure..
Ex Tax:11.29€
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