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About Us

I am Vasilis, founder of Carino Nodo and co-owner with my wife Elena and our son Dimitris.

My love for handmade unique items led me to the creation of the e-shop. Several years ago, I started searching the internet and asking the monks on our visits to monasteries about the authentic way of making a monastery-style rosary. It took a lot of time, effort and many, many meters of thread until I was able to achieve the desired result. Since then I have perfected and developed this art using the best materials so that our products are of the highest quality. I succeeded in creating a unique patent with a closure (clasp) on our rosaries so that they do not lose their shape and do not get loose. 

Over time our love for handmade has evolved. In our e-shop we provide various types of handmade accessories (bags, jewelry, sandals, seasonal items) always focusing on the quality, functionality and durability of our products.

Our philosophy is built on the principles of handmade art, uniqueness, high quality and great attention to detail. Our purpose is to make every person feel unique and special by wearing something original and imaginative.

Therefore, our online store is a place where any creator can express their opinions, exchange ideas and find the support they always need based on handmade goodness.